Philip – June 3 Sermon

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The Gospel of John shows Philip as one of the first to whom Jesus addressed the words, ” Folloe Me.” When Philip met Christ, he immediately found Nathanael and told him, “…we have found him, of whom Moses…and the prophets, did write.” Nathanael was skeptical but Philip did not argue with him; he simply answered, ” Come see.”

This story tells us two important things about Philip:
1. It shows his right approach to the skeptic and his simple faith in Christ.
2. It shows that he had a missionary instinct.

Philip was a man with a warm heart and a pessimistc head. He was one who would very much like to donsomething for others, but who did not see how it could be done. Yet, this simple Galilean gave all he had. In retirn God used him.

The symbol of Philip is a basket, because of his part in feeding of the five thousand. It is Philip that stressed the cross as a sign of Christianity and victory.