A Message from Pastor Palmer and Bishop McKee – 2019 GC - Pastor Palmer and Bishop McKee wish to share with us their thoughts on the 2019 Special General Conference held in St. Louis last month.  Please take a moment to read their letters.  They each ask us to be in continued prayer and to be patient as we, as a denomination and a congregation, move forward. Click on the link to… Read More
Philip – June 3 Sermon - The Gospel of John shows Philip as one of the first to whom Jesus addressed the words, " Folloe Me." When Philip met Christ, he immediately found Nathanael and told him, "...we have found him, of whom Moses...and the prophets, did write." Nathanael was skeptical but Philip did not argue with him; he simply answered, " Come see." This story… Read More
5 G’s Sermon Series – key points - The 5 G’s of a Healthy Church *The first week of this series,”Go”, was about Jesus’ final words, the commandment to, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,…” We learned 3 requirements: 1. Know the message and its source 2. Be committed; be real disciples 3. Be faithful. The second week of the series, “Gathering”, looked at Jesus’ statement,… Read More
The 5 G’s of a Discipled Life – A Sermon Series - Look forward to an exciting sermon series from Pastor Tom! The 5 G's of a Discipled Life will begin in late April and end on Pentecost Sunday May 20. Come be inspired! Read More
Sunday Sermon, October 24 – A New Day is Dawning - Sunday Sermon, October 24 Pastor Tom Palmer will present:          A New Day is Dawning Join us! Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16     Read More
Welcome Welcome to First UMC Mesquite! - Welcome to First UMC Mesquite! I am so happy that YOU ended up on our website today! I hope that YOU find what you are looking for here and that we get to see you on a Sunday soon! Please know that you are NEVER required to know anything or do anything or be perfect or anything like that to… Read More

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