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An early learning experience that will not only nurture your child’s curiosities to grow a healthy mind, but to also provide an introduction to scripture to build a faithful heart

Levitating Books

Why Choose Private Kindergarten?

Choosing between a private education and a public education in kindergarten is always part of your decision-making process. What differentiates private from public schools is that private schools generate their own funds which give them independence from the state statutes, regulations and bureaucratic processes.


Private schools are more flexible and able to offer more specialized programs, adapt curriculum to individuals, and be more responsive to parent requests and student needs. This in turn, gives students more opportunities to develop the critical academic and life skills that help them learn and grow during their most formative years.

Why Choose Faith Preparatory?

  • history of students performing on or above grade level before end of year

  • adapted state curriculum to build advanced minds

  • smaller classes, healthy student/teacher relationships

  • faith-based curriculum for building faithful hearts

  • safety and security with faculty and on campus

  • easy access to before/after school childcare and summer program at Academy Kids on the same campus

Art Class
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